The online tool guides all users efficiently through the process and minimizes the effort.

We have developed an online tool to follow the Teambarometer process, making no compromises, to guarantee the greatest possible benefit. The Teambarometer needs no introduction, can be used intuitively and requests minimal effort from all involved. This way we can guarantee sustainable usability and ensure that your employees benefit optimally from the Teambarometer process.

Our motto is: Simple, but beautiful
(Einfach, aber schön)

1. The right questions

It is essential for every survey to ask the right questions. The questions should be specific and focused on the topics that are currently important in your company. Start with our proven model survey and supplement it with your own questions if you wish. The Question Picker will support you in this. You will receive valuable suggestions from predefined question sets on topics such as Team Effectiveness, Commitment, Change, etc. We would also be happy to advise you personally on how to assemble the perfect questionnaire for your organization.

2. The Pulse Survey

The Joineer pulse survey is completely automated. The employees fill it out online, using their smartphone, tablet or computer. The invitation is sent by personalised e-mail or SMS, with a short intro informing them about the next steps, after which they are taken directly to the survey. Reminders are sent automatically after a certain time and should you wish to customize a question, these can be easily edited on your dashboard.

3. The results dashboard

A clear presentation of the survey results is the central requirement for the sustainable use of the Teambarometer. We provide you with the collected data in a clear and comprehensible way. The evaluation is accessible to all team members immediately after the survey. For each question, employees can see the evaluation of the values and the feedforwards of their team colleagues. HR and management receive an aggregated overview of all teams.

4. The meeting mode

The Teambarometer meeting mode ensures the necessary commitment and that the survey results do not disappear into oblivion. At the end of a team meeting, each team discusses the results and suggestions for improvement and derives meaningful measures from them. In this way, the expectations generated by the survey among the employees are always fulfilled – this is a a unique procedure for strengthening self-management in the teams. To ensure that this works efficiently, the results of the survey are clearly presented in the meeting mode, they can be marked as discussed; it is also possible to access tasks directly, assign them to a responsible person and track their status.

5. The management summary

After each cycle, management receives a summary of the results from the pulse survey and team meetings. The summary will be clear, to the point and showing the most important changes immediately. From the management summary you can read the most frequently mentioned topics and view how the teams are working on improvements. It is also possible to make direct comparisons and to follow how the overall organisation is developing over time.

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