Our advice is tailored for your needs.

We offer you extensive support and advice during the introduction and use of the Teambarometer - depending on your needs, we will relieve you of the greatest possible effort so that you can concentrate on your core business in the best possible way.

All-round support – we support you from A to Z

Project entry

Project definition

Joineer provides a co-project manager who, together with your contact person, carries out the needs assessment and defines the key points for the joint project.

  • Target definition, focus topics (e.g. change process, corporate values)
  • Evaluation criteria, KPI’s, risk management
  • Time planning adapted to your needs
  • Personal consultation on site

Developing questions

You can choose a Joineer question set on a topic like team effectiveness, culture, change facilitation. Also, we can jointly develop a specific questionnaire for your Teambarometer from the following question types:

  • Standard questions from the Joineer Question-Picker
  • Specific questions developed for the organization (corporate values)
  • Higher-level questions that are asked several times (possibility of comparison)
  • Questions that are only asked once (also team/department specific).


Project Communication

To ensure that the information about the project can be passed on to the employees in the best possible way, we provide you with templates and other tools that have been tried and tested in practice and can be easily personalised to the joint project.

  • E-mail templates for internal dispatch
  • Introductory and explanatory videos

Kick-off event

In our experience, the best way to introduce the system is a short kick-off event. We will outline the project, explain the procedure, the goals and answer any questions. 

  • Kick-off event will be available on site or via webinar
  • For the entire staff or for the team leaders
  • About 45 – 60 minutes


Preparation and implementation of the surveys

We prepare the tool according to the specifications, train the employees and check everything for accuracy.

  • Support in the provision of data
  • Importing data concerning the employees (via spreadsheet or API)
  • Precheck of the automated survey
  • Monitoring

Technical and first-level support

Have you ever experienced introducing a new tool and afterwards spending way too much time solving problems and explaining how to use it? Not with the Teambarometer.

  • Complete support for all, employees included
  • Contact person for HR and management
  • Support in every phase of the project


Evaluation and success control

We create a clear evaluation for the HR / management to control the success, so that the KPI’s are kept in view, the development becomes visible and adjustments can be made where necessary.

  • Cluster analysis of the most frequently mentioned topics
  • Degree of target achievement based on KPI’s and suggestions for improvement
  • Comparison between teams and departments
  • Findings concerning introduced measures and team developments

We accompany you through the project.
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