Learn more about the practical experiences with the Teambarometer

The Teambarometer is already in use at many organisations of different sizes and in various industries. Depending on the requirements, we have adapted the project to the specific needs and conditions so that the greatest possible added value is generated for each customer. We and our customers would be happy to tell you more about these experiences.


Iris Blättler

Head of Corporate Communications, Goldbach Group AG, Küsnacht

“In the course of the repositioning of TX Group and the associated merge of Goldbach with the former Tamedia Advertising, the Teambarometer helped us record the mood and well-being of the employees. Thanks to this feedback, we were able to start where the shoe pinched, because not all people react to change in the same way. The Teambarometer is an ideal instrument for communicating with employees in a relaxed and refreshing way and has provided us with ideal support in this time of great change.”

650 employees (including Tamedia employees)
9 questions, every 3 months

Accompany the change process
Find out where uncertainties lie
Reduce uncertainties to an appropriate level.

KPI’s per sequence
Ø 71% Response Rate
Ø 9 Feedforwards / Team

Public law

Stéphanie Jungen

Head of Human Resources, Local government, Thalwil

“In a lengthy process, we defined new leadership values with all those responsible for management. Then we asked ourselves the question of how to anchor these in the community of Thalwil and prevent them from becoming a paper tiger. The Teambarometer is a great tool for us to put the leadership values into practice and to hold regular structured discussions about them. Everyone, from workyard to the finances is now participating constructively in this process and we regularly receive future-oriented input that helps the municipal administration move forward.”

270 employees
8 questions, every 3 months

Establish leadership values within employees
Work together for improvements
Promote bottom-up solutions.

KPI’s per sequence
Ø 59% Response Rate
Ø 6 Feedforwards / Team


Simon Bachmann

CEO, IDUN Technologies AG, Zürich

“We grew quickly, but still wanted to get the commitment and opinion of the whole team when making decisions on specific strategic issues. Suddenly there were too many issues and too many people to proceed as before. The Teambarometer helped us master this transition. We were able to make the important issues tangible and anchor the right strategies in a structured process.”

10 employees
8 questions, monthly

Accompany transformation in the growth phase
Help to remember important topics despite daily rush

KPI’s per sequence
Ø 90% Response Rate
Ø 13 Feedforwards


Alma Mähr

CEO, förderraum, St. Gallen

“As in many social institutions, the employees of the Förderraum are good at getting involved, whether with new ideas, suggestions for improvement or otherwise. We wanted to establish a structured process so that we could grip and record the various topics. The intuitive Teambarometer is very suitable for this. We were able to evaluate and discuss topics in our teams and define appropriate measures. The feedforward approach supported our positive error culture.”

140 employees in different companies
8 questions, every 3 months

Put suggestions for improvement into practice
Promote an open error culture
Recognize key topics earlier

KPI’s per sequence
Ø 73% Response Rate
Ø 7 Feedforwards / Team