Employees want to make a difference – and with the help of Teambarometer process, they can do it better.

Employees should be involved in decision making and change management in an agile and results-oriented manner. It's about offering their opinions, comprehension and hence establishing the most productive cooperation possible. Joineer has developed an approach for this which combines an optimized way of employee surveys with self-organized follow-up work at team level: the Teambarometer Process.

The principles of the Teambarometer process

  • Puls-Continuous inclusion: regularly generated by focused pulse surveys
  • Active and solution-oriented: Focus on feedforward – positive, solution-oriented suggestions for improvement on various topics.
  • Prompt action: Evaluation and derivation of measures take place directly after the survey is completed
  • Suitable for all levels & capable of acting: The work is done in teams, “bottom-up”

1. Questioning

Up to four times a year with 6 – 10 crisp questions, to involve your employees deeper in decision-making and change processes. The few, targeted questions mean less effort for the employees and result in a relevant pulse check for you. Besides questions for all the employees, team-specific questions are also possible. The employees express their assessment on a scale of one to six. In addition, a suggestion for improvement can be formulated as a feedforward in free text. Filling out the pulse survey takes only about five minutes.

Supported by Joineer
Service: In order to provide you with the most valuable assessments of your most burning issues, we will support you in preparing your personal questionnaire.

Tools: The Teambarometer tool automates the survey process as much as possible: it sends the online pulse survey to all participants and offers a detailed overview of the status at any time.

2. Informing

The longer you must wait for the evaluation, the less you cognitively associate it with the survey. The Teambarometer automatically evaluates the results as soon as the survey is completed, and the results are displayed on the dashboard in a simple and comprehensible way. For each question you can see the values and feedforwards of your own team and also, the average of the company.

Supported by Joineer
Tools: The Teambarometer automatically evaluates the results and allows every employee access the results of their own team. Management and HR may have access to all the information.

3. Discussion

Responding quickly to suggestions for improvement strengthens the employees’ sense of self-efficacy. The survey results are immediately available in the meeting mode. The aim is to suggest 2 – 3 concrete measures for improvement per survey. If a feedforward cannot be implemented within the team, it is forwarded to a trusted third party in the tool.

Supported by Joineer
Service: We support team leaders and employees in the optimal conduct of team meetings: you receive best practices, tips, a meeting guide and we always make available to answer questions.

Tools: The Teambarometer has a meeting mode that supports the efficient and structured discussion of the survey and makes it possible to record measures that have been introduced.

4. Implementation

Traceability and commitment are important in the Teambarometer process. For this reason, one responsible person and a time frame are defined for each measure. The tool provides a status overview for this. The status of topics delegated to trusted third parties is also kept in view.

Supported by Joineer
Tools: In the Teambarometer, all team members can track the status of the measures, see who is in charge for them and how long the measure is running.

5. Completion

At the end of each cycle, the management briefly comments on the results. Findings and measures introduced at management level are communicated. This signals appreciation and willingness to respond to the suggestions for improvement. The management also announces whether and how the next survey will be adapted. This closes the circle and the new interval can begin.

Supported by Joineer
Service: We provide the management with an optimized report of the survey results and a ready-to-use template for internal communication. The evaluation of the findings from the meetings can also be integrated.

Added value

The Teambarometer process optimizes the proven approach of traditional employee surveys and combines it with today’s agile and iterative approach. Management can respond more quickly to the needs of the employees and anticipate developments. Employees experience their own effectiveness and hence assume more responsibility. The implementation takes place where it is necessary and useful, which leads to higher productivity and more commitment.

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