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Are you looking to embed a culture of constructive feedback? The name feedback already suggests the problem: The focus is on the past, which cannot be changed anymore and that often puts us in a defensive position. Instead, we should look at the possibilities of the future. That is why we work with Feedforward: With this approach you can bring positive, future- and solution-oriented communication into your organization!

What is Feedforward?

Feedforward is an appreciative inquiry approach of positive psychology.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strength-based, collaborative approach for team and organizational development. It is used to achieve changes in which people play a central role. Classical change methods focus primarily on the problem and, using it as a starting point, try to achieve an improvement. The AI approach, however, focuses on the best possible result and starts to implement the change from that perspective.

Change processes achieve better results if the focus is on the best possible outcome rather than on an actual situation to be changed. The reason is the so-called confirmation bias. It leads to more attention being paid to information that confirms an existing belief than to information that does not. The feed-forward methodology encourages employees to think about the best possible future.

In contrast to feedback, feedforward is therefore formulated in a positive, future- and solution-oriented manner.

In the Teambarometer survey, employees actively consider a better future. In the team meetings, they act together to achieve this goal and are optimally equipped for change.

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